Mot des parents de Danielle

Voici l’allocution faite par Marc et Pat Meloche
lors du mariage de Danielle Claire Meloch


It has been truly an awesome day and we hope you are all having a great time.
I want to thank everyone for sharing this special day with us

Thank Diane and Steve, Geoff for his words of wisdom, Bob for being the MC

Thank you to HomeLife , top producers
It s very obvious that Home life is not just a job or career, it is a very tight knit family.

To all our long distant voyagers,Florida, New York, Montreal

Allot of you have known Cody for many years and some, his whole life, but may not necessarily know Danielle.

Pat and I would like to share with you a few parts of her life that has made her what she is today.


When we think of Danielle’s life and how she has grown into the beautiful woman she is, we keep coming back to the same character traits.

She is Passionate
She is Determined
She is Committed

When Danielle makes up her mind about something, no matter what it is, she puts her whole heart and energy into it and there is no changing her decisions.

From the time she was able to,,,,
She began to climb
1st. Out of the crib, continuously I might add
Then she conquered the kitchen cupboards
Then mastered scaling to the top of the pantry, bracing herself until she reached the top.
Thats where all the rewards were. (Candy back then). Very different rewards now

She was determined and never gave up.

Many years have past since she first demonstrated her strengths

Years later, in grade 11, she did her co op at a rescue barn with horses. she climbed onto one horse, and never looked back.

Shortly after that, She rescued Shadow and Riley first from the inevitable
Then came Lily and Rex, their 2 Beautiful Husky mix dogs, and Samson

Yes, you heard me right, 3 horses and 2 dogs.

Putting this all into perspective, she has educated herself in animal behaviour, nutrition,
health and veterinary issues, dedicated to enable them to be the best they can.

This is the type of love, dedication and commitment Danielle has shown her whole life.

We have often wondered if she was born with these traits or are they learned , because she has demonstrated them from such a young age.


Cody, this is your new wife

A very passionate, determined , devoted and committed woman.

Cody and Danielle,
Although allot of our families are not present today, you are in their hearts on this special day, as we speak right now, we , along with them , wish you both a lifetime of happiness, learning, growing together

Danielle, your mother and I love you to the moon and are so proud of you.

Cody, at this time, Pat and I are honoured to welcome you into our family and into our hearts.


We ask everyone to stand and raise their glass to toast the new  Mr and Mrs Schmeiser

Everyone enjoy this wonderful evening.